Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stop the Pain

Stop the pain
Beating in his heart again
Stop the fear
And make it gone
Take the time
From the cell phone, TV,
Dead end peace talks
Take the time
And make it gone

Wipe her tears
Child of no one desert calling
Wipe her tears
And give her hope
Teach them all
The ones who live there
And their callers
Teach them all
To realize

Hide your lies
Painted on pictures smiling children
Hide your lies
And tell no more
Give them hope
Those who anguish
You who trifle
Give them hope
And step aside.


Anonymous said...

...child of no one desert"


We are so close to home with the project!

blogoratti said...

Hope is all we need in this lifetime.

Interesting poem!

Robyn said...

are you alright
it has been awhile.
it must be cyberspace but yeah i miss you.
Hope all is good Robyn

Today's ranting said...

I love the stuff here.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Thanks! Welcome