Tuesday, March 3, 2009

She's Gone

It was a hot and dry September morn
When they locked lives and she was born
Sun was beating on the ground
What once was lost can not be found
It’s gone.

Red light ‘bove the street below
The clock struck 12 it’s time to go
Broken viles and sweat and tears
Broken wings and angel fears
It’s gone.

He’s in her heart
Under one sky
She’ll never live
To hear his lies
It’s gone.

Brilliant green reflects the day
Night keeps demons far away
Rainbow ‘neath the pot of gold
Story new but ages old
It’s gone.

Remember her when he walks by
Remember not and don’t ask why
Take her home if in your mind
And in his heart a peace you’ll find
Only it’s gone.


Robyn said...

if only poets ruled the world.
you are one of my favorite poets,,how i wish to just sit and let you read your poems one by one.
keep it up,,,,,,,,,all we need are the words.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Wow...what a compliment... especially from one as talented as you. If only our words touched the right ears...if we keep writing they will hear. Thank you and keep writing. So true, all we need are the words.

Magnus said...

You say so nice things about stuff I write and it's not nearly as good as your writings. I can't find the words to do your writings justice, I'm just glad that I can read them.

I saw that you're on twitter btw :)

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Thanks...I really appreciate your kind words. I think I am on twitter..only I haven't used it yet : )

Magnus said...
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