Sunday, March 15, 2009

Poem: Teach Me

The mind is tool
Breeds peace but knows no love
There is no deed
To help one rise above

You’re holding back
And the reason just doesn’t fit
The world is lost
And you’ve no time for it.

You thought you’d hide away
Your words are deep
But your mind
It just won’t play

Grace is unknown
A word that builds true peace without
Harbors our doubt

Your road is long
Can you find the end
Will peace play through
To back from wince you send.

Touch me
Tell me that the world will find
Need me
Guide me to the end of time
Tell me
How to find there is enough
Show me
How to save mankind
Teach me
Where true peace I’ll find.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love this one to pieces.

Bump in the road of my plans, but I am back on track. I will keep my promise.

Robyn said...


Poetry in the Global Box said...

Thanks to both of you...I truly treasure and appreciate your faithful reading!

AA -- I can't wait! : )

Heebie Geebie said...

Because you asked for it, and I owe you one based on your marvelous poetry, herein lies a poem penned (okay, digitized) at lunch...

A flagon perched askew –
Life ebbing away, drop by drop.

Each moment, sacred food,
Keeps our death at bay, makes it stop.

Each day, a hearty quaff,
Enjoy it and treasure to staunch the flow.

Please gulp time from that trough.
Slake without measure before you go.

Hold out and weather all the strife,
Stay strong and beat the drakes of life.
Sometimes a Drake is just a dragon.

Dream big and let that keep you warm,
Hold on even during the worst snowstorm.
Sometimes a flake just fills your flagon.

okay, now I'm hungry! Off to lunch!

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Wow...I am impressed my friend...I see genius within. Truly.

Heebie Geebie said...

Then you, my friend, need new glasses! You point, I'll counterpoint. You address real pain, I'll break out champagne. I am truly a fan!

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Someone needs to pour...what good are the drops if no one enjoys them...the world needs both. Your poem has many levels...will there be more? Oh and...Nice pic!