Thursday, April 23, 2009


Gentle night
Softly sleeping
Angry sky
Open to morning
And another day
On the street
Hopeful for the dawn
Hopeful for the sun
Hopeful for a time
When the gentle night
Begets hearth and home
Life sans angry sky.


Anonymous said...

Wow! "Life sans an angry sky".

We are lucky to have homes.

I am glad to see that you are back online. Welcome Back! You were greatly missed.

Robyn said...

am with Poet & Writer
i missed you alot

Anonymous said...

giving you a shout out on my site

Anonymous said...

Can you believe we are in the fourth month of the year, already?

2009 will be a blur.

tommeh said...

why angry night?

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Hi...The night is gentle but the sky is angry...waiting for the impending story. : )

Ian R. said...

Nice i like this blog! :)