Monday, December 15, 2008

Poem: Winds of Change

Immutable laws guide our faith -- troubled deeply
in the marred confusion of modernity.
A force greater than this guides us from within.
Some possess it on the verge of madness
Others in quite serenity and the forlorned focus
Of insomnia – genius not of our world
Lost…afflicted…damaged souls of borders
Adrift on a sea of obscure and wanton nomads
Clenching tightly their heads – sheltering their ears
From the voices who call loudly on the winds of change.


Robyn said...

you know i thought i had some good verses,,you are amazing i respect the way you write,,so deep,,Like me you are a poet and am glad i met you.

Robyn said...

had forgotten to make a follow up on you but i just did....

Poetry in the Global Box said...

That is a wonderful compliment coming from one who writes as well as you. Thank you.

oNe mAn gAng said...

My word...excellent writings...excellent...(it would prove time consuming to comment on all of your dope just spread this around like mustard lol)

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Thanks for visiting and for enjoying my work. Peace : )