Monday, December 29, 2008

Poem: The Game of War

Talking trash
Shootin’ low
Street ball rules
Friend or foe
Three point shot
From the line
Leather bumps
Boys at prime
Blasts away
Bim bam boom
Clicked off rounds
End too soon
Game called short
Time to go
Who did win?
No one knows.


Robyn said...

i love the way youe weave real life situations into your poetry,,i love it.I love the way you write have i said that b4 i really do and am running out of nice things.have you done any publishing really,,am thinkin of it.I have just havent gone public yet,,ooohhh enuf with that.Happy new year.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

You are way to kind..actually you are as kind as you are talented. I have published a book. Poems of Peace: Darfur and Beyond. YOU definitely should seek to do the same. I am working on a new one...only this time I am going to add artwork...the scattered tragic kind with the block type words embossed on top...we'll see how it goes.

Keep me posted on your book...I would love to read a rough draft. : ) Keep writing.

Princess said...

Love what I've seen of your poetry so far. Will be back. :)

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Thanks! Happy New Year.