Saturday, December 6, 2008

Poem: Strong...True...Brave

Amazing purple mountains
Sun bleached sands of gold
Plains all gently swaying
Treasures now unfold.

Red for the blood lost freedom
Blue of the truest test
White thus pure and noble
Giving all our best.

March on the quest for glory
Glory and honor hold chaste
Sparing the lose of our children
Save for the lives that we waste.

On to not more battles
Call them what you might.
A gun, grenade or canon…
A fight is still a fight.

Name not another campaign
Declare our freedom saved
Live by the words they wrote us…
The strong, the true, the brave.


Anonymous said...

I love this poem and it reminds me of my daughter in the service. I thank you for these words.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

I hope you had a great time. How very proud you must be!!

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of her planning her future at such a young age, instead of only thinking of partying like I did. LOL

Poetry in the Global Box said...

That means you did something right!


I declare freedom. You've been tagged by me, again. Kathleen Maher tagged me. She listed 7 Swans Aswimming thoughts. Check my site for mine. Send yours on to 7 other people, and back to me. Merry Christmas. Strong, true, brave....says it all.

Lisa Holdren