Monday, February 2, 2009

Auntie Maya

On the corner
Outside the market
Near the trash can
Where the needles land
Sits Auntie Maya.
Regal as her name
Mighty in her stature
Five foot nothing
And just as wide.
She’s got change
For the faded gumballs
The after school crowd likes so much
They take her change
Or give her theirs spare
Buy the balls
Then dip ‘um in X
Float in the clouds o
Red, blue and green.


Robyn said...

this poem remind me of a sweet lady back in my Village in Africa she so sweeet,,she sells pancakes to school boys after a hectic day at school.How r you?
Fuck shakespear and elliot you r a poet n i love your work.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Hi Robyn...I am thriving...not much sense being anything else. Wow, thanks so much for your wonderful words! And for reading my are truly a gifted poet and it means much to me. Keep passin the open windows.

Anonymous said...

This Auntie Maya is awesome! I love it and no I didnt get the email. I sent those to you and didnt hear from you so I waited, wasnt sure what to do. :-)

Poetry in the Global Box said...

I will resend it. Your work is wonderful.

eizzy.k said...

theres something tainted about this auntie maya...perhaps its that she sits outside the market near the trash where the needles land...or that these kids float in the clouds when they buy these gum balls...
Is Auntie Maya in the dope game???

I like...