Monday, February 9, 2009


What is the next step
When the factories have gone
And the steel mills have closed
And the mighty smoke stacks of Allentown
Cease to billow and blow?

When Flint is a ghost town
And Sacramento is gridlocked in red ink
When prisons reap more than schoolhouses
And a dollar won’t buy a cup of coffee
Here or in a third world country?

The next step is to stand
To rise above the masked oppression
The next step is to take back our freedom
And live the lives our forefathers intended…
Or is this it?


Robyn said...

hey this reminds me of Quickly by John legend and brandy.How r you?

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Wow...thanks. I am doing well. Hope the same for you. Peace.

Robyn said...

where ever you are?
i miss you.

Magnus said...

I really like this one.
Hope you're well.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Hi...I'm back...hope all is well.