Friday, January 23, 2009

Poem: One More for the Road

They laid her out
A final rest on a cold slab
A man in a whit coat
A curtain pulled
One last look
Ashen, frigid, stiff
A lifeless vessel
Expertly averted eyes
A nod and it’s done
One more for the road


poeticallytinted said...

I like. Chills me to the bone.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Thanks! And thanks for reading my work! : )


I bet you thought I wasn't reading! A am. And, I'm passing along the Big Love Award to you. Check out my site, and see if you want to pass it along to your favorite bloggers.

Robyn said...

I miss your work.i come here to reflect.i love this peace.Update.for me.Update.
I love this peace.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Thanks! I'm back...keep reading..peace in 2009.

eizzy.k said...

hmmm...just wondering...why one more for the road??