Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Poem: The End of the Small Town

Build on the backs of our fathers
Small towns from sea to sea
A symbol of hard work and freedom
Things our children may never see.
Small towns erased from our memories
Crowded streets and congestion all
My kingdom for the country
Not another mall.


Magnus Holmgren said...

Sad but true, the village where I grow up is soon just a memory.
Great Work though! :)

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Thanks...the small town I grew up in has been overtaken by the sprawl of suburbia. : )

Magnus said...

Oh I see, I guess it's better for a town to grow bigger than to disappear out of existense.

The village I grew up in had like 300 people when I was 15 and now almost 15 years later it has maybe 120 people and the school is gone, the store too, the only industry filed for bankruptcy this week, just a few farmers left.

I know this is a tiny village compared to most others :) a great place though.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

The small town I grew up has about 200 left from the 750 when I was a kid...I left for college and grad school in LA and came back to a main street that was all but gone. Now, a couple of years later ... we are working on revitalization...hope it works. A big part of our world...in small towns and villages is being gobbled up.

Magnus said...

Oh I misunderstood you there, I thought it had grown bigger :p I play the language card! ;)

Yeah it's sad, the gas prices and the crisis in the economy dropping down in the big cities creating a ripple effect and the waves grow bigger and bigger and by the time it hits the smaller towns and villages it's a full blown tsunami!

How big is your town, in areal? Mine's about 5000 Hectares but that's with all the forests and stuff, where people lives is just around 1200 hectares. Is that a measurement you're familiar with?
It's quite big but hasn't alot of inhabitants.

I wish you and your town the best of luck!