Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Promise Stay

Aragon dreams
Knights in the wind
Begotten now
Reprise the sin

Self proclaimed land
A kingdom anew
Back to the world
Final debut

Fiefdom rings out
Long, strong and near
Vacated hope
Nay pioneer

Silent the words
Promises stay
Evil be gone
Please go away.


Anonymous said...

Wow! this is an awesome piece! Have you written a book? Your work is great!


You remind me how much I wish I could write poetry. Really nice job. I'll try to keep up with you. Thanks for visiting my site www.peaceandlaughter.blogspot.com

Lisa H.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Thank you for your kind words and thanks for visiting.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Thanks Akili. That is so great to hear from someone as talented as you! I do have a book...it's called Poems of Peace: Darfar and Beyond...you can take a peek at the bottom of my blog. : )

Kel-Bell said...

The spirit of Strider lives in my heart,

Humble yet noble, with his love, he won't part.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Nicely said...thanks for coming by...great pumpkins on your blog!!

Magnus Holmgren said...

I love this, made my fantasy heart smile :)

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Thank you and thanks for visiting...come back again!