Thursday, November 20, 2008

Poem: Physics

Point, line, plane, cube
A dimension on the tip of a pin
Quantum, Einstein, relativity
Gravity weak and thin.

Speculation not perfection
A particle model flip
Dimension defined by science
Heaven now in our grip.



Hi, I enjoy your posts. I've tagged you because I'd like to know more about you. Visit my site, and send your info back to me and on to others. It's fun and insightful.

Anonymous said...

I love this poem in its Brevity.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Thanks to both of you for your kind words...and I will.

Dorit Sasson said...


I enjoyed reading your poems. I see Lisa has tagged you first. But I'm tagging you anyway.

I see we have a lot in common.

I write poetry too. Great blog theme.,
I'd like to send you a poem.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

I'd love to read your poem... : )Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your blog. : ) Great stuff.