Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spilled Milk

Sad eyes cast down
on a future
turned sour
like milk on the counter
splashed and left
waiting for someone
else to pick up the pieces
or clean the spill
whichever comes first


ManCee said...

While you are still
Life just goes on
That soured milk
May yet be yoghurt.

Sad eye you say
I say the 'Edison' way
One more mistake-
Another lesson learnt today.


singkittyle000 said...

I love this too!! Here's another one of my poems...sorry I haven't commented in a while and I haven't been on in yours in a while either:

You don't matter anymore.
'Cause you don't matter, yo.
That's a song. You were supposed to sing it.
Did you sing it?
Why not?
You didn't know?
I thought you knew everything.
How dare you say I'm annoying!
I really think it's funny.
You dare say all you wanna say 'bout me.
I'm not listening!!
La la la la LA LA!

--a little random. but it totally makes sense to me.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Random, but extremely relate"able". Awesome. Thanks!

hindi sms said...

thanks for publish this poetry.
i really enjoy it.

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