Wednesday, June 30, 2010

weapons for the strong

nonviolence is a weapon for the strong
gathering on high – gathering on low
forced from and to away from conflict
mired by strife yet victorious
Stoic in responsive passion of
breaths not taken and life unlived
though living prevails through discord.

feed not on the grains of humanity’s blood
seek not for ends of means for aggression gain
dispassionate and humble spirit rise loud
to oblivious voices of reckless leaders
distant to the call of the oppressed masses
clustering…cloistering for the weapon of the strong


2cute4u said...

Nice poem.. Realistic I'd say.. I love it..

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Thanks 2cute4u :)

ManCee said...

Like when I consider my nation
When the 'leaders' rape her in public view
When those weaklings maim us for talking
We, helpless yet strong in our love for her
Will yet wield the weapon of the strong.
Again and again.

Yet life thankfully speaks of another arms race
Like when your smile disarms me
Those nights your touch dumbfounds me
And I lay there smiling and smitten
With love for you and the motherland
And Cupid's arrow lodged in my heart