Monday, March 1, 2010


acrimony breeds silence
in the passage of time
lost souls in a vision of rage
profoundly fixed on a caprice
of formidable doubt

disparage the sunrise on the banks of tomorrow
while yesterday gloats of lost dreams
and perfection glazed and toppled
on the banks of the river of dreams


Heebie Geebie said...

Love the new poem! Here's something I dreamed up a while back. Rough, and thankfully only episodic. My ego is now fully restored :D

Striving, thriving, driving to succeed
Pushing through life at ever faster speed
Groping, grasping, for that everlasting glee
Teaching, preaching, beseeching: don't be like me.

No time to savor the fruits of each endeavor,
No rest - the next task pulls you like a tether.
Nowhere to turn, no respite you can see,
Know this, my friend, don't be like me.

What profit to gain the world but lose your soul?
What payment would suffice to make you somewhat whole?
What price to spend, pray, what is the fee?
Whatever cost, too much, don't be like me.

Everyone exists, and yet a select few live,
Ripping out of life's hands more than it will give,
Relishing each day, eyes aglow with what could be --
I want that back, I miss it -- don't be like me.

2cute4u said...

Really nice..
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Thank you so very much

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Heebie Geebie...awesome hits home! Don't forget you only get one shot at everything those beautiful children do...

On another wouldn't be a bad thing if more people are like're one of my heros.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

2cute4u Thanks for visiting...I will go there right now...

joehebden said...

Powerful words.

Anonymous said...

The last stanza is lyrical especially the last few lines. Your work is conscious, yet poetic.

Heebie Geebie said...

Poetry in a Global Box,

'tis I that want to be more like you, heroine!

Savoring the new book, by the way... savoring.