Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brothers and Kings Before Them

Creon defied
Happiness denied
Immutable laws of heaven
Overwritten by man
Once again…in a land removed
From Creon
Under the guise of democracy
Death no longer proclaimed
But life with no relief from eight
While eight stand silent in the many words they speak
Look not on the backs of the brothers
For which she gave her life
For heaven’s mighty call
Life gone but not forgotten.
What are the unimportant little sins
That bare the brunt of time forced and forgotten.
What words are being painted by fain and fair?
Lives of persistence lost and poverty gained for free.
Both fight on the side of humankind
Neither the villain thou villain is he but gone
But gone, but gone, but gone away
Power befallen but rather be gone
Be gone, be gone, be gone
Be gone, but never forgotten.


TheGoldenOne said...

I loved you poem. I, too write poetry concerning prevalent issues. I was inspired by your last line of "be gone but never forgotten." You are truly talented and I will follow you blog. Follow mine if you like.

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Thanks for the wonderful words and for following my blog. I will indeed check yours out.